Åström 2000 offers premises and office spaces near the city center of Oulu. The spaces are quickly and easily modified to your requirements. You survive with less square feet per worker than in an usual office space and you don’t have to cut from comfortability. The architecture, decorum and convertibility as well as many other value adding implements have been taken into consideration when making the space solutions.


Åström 2000 office spaces are located in the former Åström Brothers’ leather factory. The building as well as the surroundings radiate the history of the Åström Brothers’ leather factory as the most successful factory in Northern Finland.

The history of the factory building begins all the way back in 1907 when it was finished. It was designed by Karl Sandelin, and later in 1922 Birger Federley designed a third floor to expand Sandelin’s design.

Led by Karl Robert and marketed by Hemming the Åströms’ leather factory climbed to be not only Oulu’s but the whole Northern Europe’s largest institution in the field. The products the factory manufactured were mostly transported to Russia but there was also shipment to the Southern Finland, Sweden, to The Baltic, Germany. In the 1910s the Åström’s leather factory had up to 1 500 employees which was nearly 10% of Oulu’s population at the time.

The factory’s last managing director was Runar Sandelin who continued manufacturing leather and shoes having founded a new company in 1983. Sandelin got the permission to keep using the Åström Brothers -name from En-Ko. The shoes weren’t the only thing being produced but along with them the factory made gun cases, ammunition belts, baseball gloves and knife sheaths. In 1970 the factory was moved to Oulainen, but went bankrupt in 1974.

After the Åström Brothers the building has been repurposed to have offices and premises of different companies, and Oulu’s Vocational College’s teaching restaurant. Between the years 1996 and 2002 the building went through renovation to have only teaching- and office spaces.

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